Saturday, 27 October 2012

The perfect present

That sparkly, cold stuff was all over the grass when I went out earlier. It was a bit chilly on my paws at first, but they soon warmed up.

It's quite interesting, the sparkly stuff, so I sniffed it for a bit. That's when I noticed something I haven't seen for a while; a Starling.
It was foraging for worms I think, as it had it's tail towards me and it's beak in the ground.
This gave me enough time to get behind a big plant pot.

I watched it hop about for a bit, looking for all sorts of goodies in the grass. I thought it was teasing me at first, like the Magpies, as it took so long to get near the plant pot. I started to get bored, and lay down for a bit to clean my paws.
Then my little catty-ears twitched as I heard it getting nearer. I looked over and it was very close. I sat up, slowly, swished my tail, then got ready for the pounce.
It was getting so close... I started my pre-pounce bum wiggles, to wind up my hind legs in readiness, then ran out, leaped, and pounced! I got it first time, under both paws!
I had a bit of fun with it first, then decided that this should be my 'sorry' present for Fluffles.
I managed to keep the head on this one, luckily, so was happy with my gift.
She wasn't around in her garden, so I left it near her catflap and rubbed my head on it, so she'd know it was from me.

Hopefully she'll see it and at least come and visit me. Then we can do catty nose-rubs and all will be well with the world again.

In the mean time I'm going to an old human, a few gardens away, for a belly-rub and some food :)


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