Thursday, 11 October 2012

Play cancelled due to rain

It's horrible outside again, and cosy inside. However I  needed to do a little catty-poo, and don't like to do this in the box of gravel daddy leaves out for me.
Because of this I decided to venture outdoors and, mid-poo, remembered that Tinkerbell and I were supposed to be meeting Frederic today.

I had a look around my territory, then Tinkerbell's, but couldn't find her. She is known to nap alot, even for a cat.

I thought it would be rude if we both didn't go to see Frederic, as arranged, so I jumped the fences to get to his garden and went up to his door.

I gave his catflap a nose-nudge. Then another nose-nudge. Then another nose-nudge.
Eventually he popped just his head out and said 'Mioux, Miouxxx Miouxx Mioux Mioux', which means (I think) 'sorry, I don't do rain. Perhaps tomorrow'.
A drop went in his ear and he did a little catty head-shake, then pulled his head back in.

I didn't want to be out in the rain either, so I went back inside.
I couldn't be bothered to sleep and, luckily, I found two woodlice to keep me entertained.
I accidentally ate the first one, so was a bit more careful with the remaining one.
It kept rolling into a little ball, so I batted it about for a bit. Unfortunately I batted it under a sofa and it wouldn't crawl back out again, so I went and had a sleep.

I hope it's not a miserable day tomorrow and we can go and play with Frederic.

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