Saturday, 20 October 2012

Catty lover's tiff

Despite recalling a happy memory yesterday, I am a sad cat today. I had a catty-argument with Fluffles :(

She doesn't think we've been seeing enough of each other recently, which is true. However, she is very picky about which cats she is seen with, and doesn't like many of my catty-friends.

I was surprised that she got angry with me as I took her one of the last autumn mice, as a present, which was really hard to find.
She wouldn't rub noses and swished her tail in my face. I asked what was wrong and she said that I should 'already know what's wrong'.
I didn't understand, so I told her this.
She told me that I'd been spending too much time with Tinkerbell, Lulu, and Frederic.
I  told her that I have to see my catty-friends and it's difficult as she doesn't like many of them. I haven't seen Frederic that much anyway, as it's been very rainy recently and he 'doesn't do rain'.
Then she got really angry and said that I don't take care of myself as much as when we first met. She said I don't always groom myself fully, and sometimes I arrive with grass seeds still stuck in my fur.
She has lots of fur and says that she always manages to groom it, and if she can then I can.
I responded by questioning whether it was all just fluff that makes her look bigger at the moment.
I shouldn't have said this. She was furious and gave me a catty paw-swat on the ear, before hissing and walking away.
I had to leave, as she clearly didn't want to talk any more.

I'm very sad now, and have decided to curl up next to daddy for a bit, indoors. I hope I can make up with Fluffles. I'll have to think how though.....

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