Monday, 15 October 2012


I think daddy may be annoyed with me.

I completely forgot that about 20,000 catty-months ago I brought a present in for him, but never actually gave it to him.

I seem to remember bringing it in and trapping under my paws for a bit. I think a fly came into the room and I got distracted, so...
... daddy found it yesterday, as it ran out of a bedroom. I was excited, and pounced on it again!

Then daddy started opening draws and lifting up things and there was mousey-poo and mousey-wee everywhere. Oops!
There were also lots of little mousey-bites out of things; I think it might have been looking to make a little home.

Daddy kept putting his hands over his face and making a sound like 'oh for fuck's sake!'.

I thought I'd make him feel better by rubbing against his legs, but he didn't seem to respond.
I miaowed for some attention but he said 'not now Bruce'.

He put on a machine that sucks up all the mousey-poo. I don't like this machine; it's very loud and makes my little catty-ears go back.
I think he's cleaned up all of the mousey stuff now, but I haven't had much attention since so I think he's upset with me.

I will try to miaow at him, and do more catty leg-rubs, later.
I will also remember to give daddy all mice I bring in, in future.

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