Wednesday, 24 October 2012

It's war!

I'm having trouble at the moment, with two very cheeky birds in my territory. Two Magpies to be exact.
Every day, usually around the same time, they land in my garden or one to the left.

If I'm in my garden, when I see them land, there is a little wall I can hide behind. If they are next door, there are some big plant pots I can crouch next to. Luckily the plant pots are dark brown so my fur doesn't show too much.
I think these Magpies are in a birdy-relationship. They only ever move -forwards, backwards, or upwards- together.

The problem is, I think they're teasing me. When I'm hiding, they hop towards me, looking around with their beady eyes. They get closer and closer, right to the point where I start to do a pre-pounce catty bum-wiggle. Then, just as I'm leaning forward, for maximum pounce-speed, they hop away again. It's very frustrating.
They will do this quite a few times, before flying up to a high tree branch.

I think I may set a trap for them. I will wait in my usual place, and they can hop back and forth, but opposite will be Lulu (as she's very quick). When they hop away from me, thinking that they are teasing me, Lulu will surprise them from the other side.

I shall have to speak to Lulu about this. I'll have to tell her that I want to take the head home, to give to daddy.

In the mean time, Frederic has given me some advice about Fluffles. He said that I need to 'woo' her. I'm not sure what this means. I think it might be catty-French?

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