Friday, 19 October 2012

A Good day

It's been a long old day today. I have had some fun trying to swat bits of water running down the windows, until I realised that the reason I was missing is because the water is outside.
Daddy also gave me a box to hide in, so I had fun jumping in and out of it, until I fell asleep.

Having had a long day indoors though, I've had plenty of time to think.
I remember, many catty-years ago, I had a mummy and a very different daddy from now.
I was in a house with a few rooms, but it was very high up (I looked out of the windows once), so I couldn't go outside. This didn't bother me then, as I had no idea how much fun the outdoors was.
There was another cat in this house with me. He had all-white fur, was very fluffy, and was a bit older than me. I think he may have had a few problems hearing. Because of this, and because I was only a kitten having fun, I used to sneak up and pounce on him. I didn't really get my claws out, but it made the other cat run like mad. I found it quite funny. Sometimes my mummy and daddy (at the time) used to shout at me.
Then, one day, i was put in one of those strange catty-boxes that humans carry us in. This one had metal bars that you could see through. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to the white cat, or my home, before my mummy and daddy had taken me away from there.
I was very confused and I think I might have cried a bit as they put me in the vroom, in the catty-box, and took me somewhere strange.
They took  me to a place with lots of other cats, all in small rooms of their own, then left me there. I never saw them again. There were some very nice humans at this place, who gave me food and water, but I didn't understand why my mummy and daddy had left me there. I cried on my first night and found it very hard to sleep.

The next day, though, I made some catty-friends through the bars on either side of my little room. I cried less and less (but still didn't understand why my mummy and daddy had gone), and became more chatty, miaowing away. The humans at this place seemed to like that, and popped in to give me regular head-pats, scratches behind the ear, and belly rubs :)

Other humans kept coming into this place, looking at cats, going into their rooms, then leaving with one of them. These humans seemed to like cats, and I think they were taking them away to be their new mummy and daddy.
My friends, either side of me, went and new catty-friends arrived. I wanted a new mummy and daddy too though.

I tried my best to look cute, puff out my chest fur, miaow lots, and rub up against the door to my room... but no-one ever picked me :(
The humans there were still very kind to me, but I wanted a proper mummy and daddy.

Then, what seemed like catty-years later, while I was napping, the door to my little room opened. In stepped two humans, a male and a female. They were very nice to me, stroking my head and tickling my chin. They made the sound 'halloooooooo' a lot. I liked them, so I purred loudly and rubbed against their legs.
Then they left and the door was shut again. I was very sad. I thought they didn't like me, and were leaving.
They soon came back in though, with another one of those strange catty-boxes and lots of catty-toys; they were taking me to a new home!
I was so happy that I purred and purred, and let my new mummy pick me up for a cuddle, even though I don't really like being picked up for cuddles.

For once I was pleased to get into a catty-box (this normally means I'm going to the catty-doctor, which I don't like).
I went to my new home and was very happy there, and even discovered the outdoors!
That's why it was 'a good day' when that new mummy and daddy came and took me away.
I was well loved, stroked, fed, and played with. I'm happy they came into my room.

I have moved into another new home, just with my daddy now. I'm a little confused about what happened to mummy, and do miss her, but am still happy.
There are some other humans around too. They are a little strange, and make odd noises at me, but look after me well, and are learning to give good chin tickles.

So,I'm a very happy cat now. I just hope no-one ever takes me and leaves me behind again :(

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