Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Disappearing Tree

I had a very strange experience today.

Early this morning I was woken up by a buzzing sound. After a tasty breakfast, of beef in gravy, I decided to go outside to investigate what this sound was.
It got louder and louder once I got outside, and was almost constant. Sometimes it would be at a low pitch, sometimes it would be at really high pitch, which makes my catty-ears flatten against my head.

I tried to see where it was coming from, then spotted a branch falling from a tree three gardens away. Even stranger, there was a human sitting high up in that tree.
What was going on?
There was another high-pitched buzz, and a second branch fell.
This was very odd. Branches -in my catty-exprience- don't just fall from trees, one after the other.

I felt should get a little closer to the tree, to see what was happening, so I jumped three fences to be near it.
As I got into the garden where it stood, the buzzing was incredibly loud, which made me crouch down a bit.

I looked up just in time to see the human swinging a machine and putting it to a branch, which it then started eating! As it kept eating away, the branch became loose then started to fall. It hit the ground and made a thud.
This scared me so much that I ran away, back over 3 fences and home to daddy, so that he could give me some attention and calm my little catty-heart down.

I don't understand though. Why was a human in a tree? What was the strange tree-eating machine in his hand? Why was he making it eat the tree?

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