Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New Cat on the Block

Big news. There's a new cat in our area! Not just that, he's from France!

Tinkerbell told me all about it. She was a little out of her territory, having got distracted by a squirrel, and bumped into a big fluffy Persian cat.
She was worried at first, as this cat fluffed up it's body and tail in annoyance, and Persians have lots of fur to fluff up. However, when she put her head down, to show she wasn't in fighting mode, the Persian cat relaxed. They had a friendly catty nose-rub, and realised that they would get on.

The Persian cat's name is Frederic. His mummy and daddy have come over from somewhere called Lille, and they are all going to be living near us now.
Frederic brought some French catty-biscuits out to Tinkerbell, to show that they were friends. She said they tasted very meaty, which she was happy with.
She told him she would come back later, maybe with a friend.

So, that's how I ended up going over four fences to meet Frederic, with Tinkerbell.
Frederic and I also shared a catty nose-rub, and decided to be friends.
He started telling us what France was like, and what he'd been like as a kitten. He had a funny accent -mioux, mioux, mioux- but then I guess we had an accent to him too.

Apparently, in France, all cats drink fresh spring water, not the stuff I've seen daddy get from a jug or tap. All cats have to look good in sillhouette too, when the moon is behind them. Also, balancing on the thinnest possible fence, with poise and grace, is seen as an art form. ... I didn't tell him I fell off my fence yesterday, sneaking up on a Sparrow.
Frederic thinks that French cats groom themselves more too, but I'm not so sure about this.

It was just getting interesting, talking to Frederic, when his mummy called him in for food.
We agreed to meet again, tomorrow afternoon. With that, he swished his tail, and was gone.
Tinkerbell thought he moved very quickly for a cat with so much fluff.

After that, Tinkerbell and I watched a Magpie for a bit, then went indoors for a nap.

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