Friday, 12 October 2012

French Frolics with Frederic

Yippee! The sun is out!

Just popped in as I wanted some attention from daddy, and some biscuits, but have been out all morning with Tinkerbell and Frederic.

He looks very fluffed up today, as his mummy has brushed him. This made Tinkerbell and I laugh, but he just shrugged his catty-shoulders.

We agreed to go for a wander, to show Frederic some sights in our territory. We stopped at our favourite puddle first, for a quick drink. Frederic's face showed catty-disgust, and he decided to clean his paws while we drank.
Then we showed him the best climbing tree, and how far we've all run up it (I've been to the seventh branch). Frederic said he doesn't mind climbing, but it does interfere with the condition of his claws sometimes.

We also showed him the easiest outdoor rooms to get into, if it's raining, including the vroom room with the big pot of blue stuff that I knocked over.
All of the dust in this room made Frederic catty-choo, and a big cloud went up, turning his face grey! It was very funny, but he didn't look amused.

We did happen to see a mouse along the way. There's not many of them about now, and the ones that are, are very slow. Even so, we were very surprised by how quick Frederic got to it, given all of his fluff.
After this we showed him the best area for squirrels. He saw some and said 'mioux miouxx miouxx miouxxxx mioux'.... something about 'grey? but I have chased red ones! What are these dull things?'

After a lot of wandering about we decided to find a nice spot to lay in, in the sun. We'd already shown Frederic the best spots to lie in, where the sun shines the longest, so we chose one of those.

Frederic and Tinkerbell are currently napping in that spot, so I thought I'd come in, as I said, to get some attention, eat biscuits, and tell you about this morning.
Now I'm going back outside...

*confused. Why would anyone paint a squirrel this colour?

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