Wednesday, 17 October 2012

belly-rub hunting

I'm a happy cat!

As it's been sunny, I've been wandering around quite a bit. This means that I end up in lots of different gardens.
In doing this I've noticed that older humans are often around during the day, and seem to respond well to cute cats like me.

Now, as everyone knows, I do love a good belly-rub. So, what I do is either look for open doors (old humans leave them open on sunny days), or I miaow at a window until someone sees me, and opens it.
Once the human is next to me -either by me walking into their house or them coming out to me- I can turn up the cuteness by purring and rubbing against their legs.
This will normally result in several strokes of my head, and behind my ears, at which point I can roll over and get a belly-rub.
In this way I can get several belly-rubs per day and maintain my happy cattiness :)
If I'm super cute, sometimes these humans that I visit give me a bit of chicken or tuna,
then I come home so that daddy can feed me.

It's good being a cat.

*how could anyone resist?

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