Monday, 29 October 2012

Sleepy Bruce

Still no word back from Fluffles. I'm not getting her another present, so she'll just have to accept that or not speak to me again.

Anyway, as I've said, as it gets colder I've been sleeping more and more.
One thing I don't understand though, is why humans only seem to sleep once it's dark.
Why don't humans sleep during the day too? This is prime napping time!

It's very inconvenient that humans sleep so heavily when it's dark. Sometimes I want attention at night and have to sit on daddy's chest or head, and miaow for a long time, before I get attention. Sometimes I even have to dribble on him.

Humans only seem to sleep in one place too; my main bed. Why would any creature do this, when there are so many options?

Why don't humans sleep more on sofas, windowsills (great for spotting birds as you wake), by radiators, on top of cupboards, on computers?
I think humans would enjoy napping a lot more if they tried these different places.

There is one thing, in particular, that has always confused me about where daddy sleeps. There always seem to be mice under the covers, which I pounce on, but I never catch one.
When daddy lifts up these covers, I can only ever see his lower paws.
I wonder where these mice disappear to?

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