Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Any ideas?

It's been a very strange past few days. Daddy disappeared for quite a bit, which confused me. I miaowed, as I missed him, but still got fed and slept lots.

There's also been a strange human in the house, who I didn't know. It's a female human, and they're normally okay, but I wasn't sure at first. I had lots of careful catty-sniffs of her hand, before I went with catty leg-rubs. She patted my head, so I think she's alright. She hasn't given me any food yet though :-(

Anyway, amongst all this I've been a bit down about the whole Fluffles argument. I do like her. We can't have kittens together, as I have no balls, but I still like spending time with her.
As a male cat, it will always be down to me to apologise, but I need some help...

I'm wondering what the best 'sorry' gift is, to get for Fluffles?
I've brought her a Robin before, so that's not original, and there's very few frogs or mice around now.
I'm just not sure what to get.... do any cats (who can read this) or humans have an idea on what to get as a present?



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