Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Reasons to be thankful

Humans seem to like having cats and/or dogs as pets. Some humans love cats, some love dogs (strange), some love both. Obviously I know which animal is best.

Some dogs can be ok; mainly for sleeping on, as they're warm, or for winding up.
However, I am thankful, every day, that I am a cat and not a dog, and here's why;

When dogs get wet they smell; cats don't.

Cats can bathe themselves. Dogs have to be given a bath by humans.

 Dogs are too silly to go out for a walk on their own; humans have to take them. Cats can go out when they want.

 Cats only ever eat things considered to be food. Dogs eat food, stones, socks remote controls...

Doggy-slobber is messier than catty-dribble.


Cat's claws are retractable, a much better design than dog's, which aren't.

Doggy-breath smells much worse than catty-breath.

Cats know not to have sex with random objects or human legs.

Cats realise the futility of playing 'fetch' and watch on in amusement when dogs do this.

Cats have flaps dedicated to them. Dogs don't.

Cats have the decency to bury their poo. Dogs, shamelessly poo anywhere, and leave it for humans to pick up.

Cats can gracefully leap onto high things. Dogs try, but fail.

Dogs chase their own tails. Cats are smart enough to realise that their tail is part of their body.

Dogs get bum-ache from wagging their tail when they're happy/excited. Cats use their tails to balance and to show that they are in pounce-mode.

In my opinion, cats are cuter than dogs.

I think there are more possibly reasons than this, so if any humans or cats want to add to this list, please let me know.


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