Saturday, 22 September 2012

When I was a kitten...

I'll have to type this quietly as I'm just crouched under some bushes, watching a Magpie.
It keeps coming nearer then hopping away again. It even got close enough for me to start doing pre-pounce bum-wiggles. Very annoying.

Anyway, I suddenly had a memory from when I was a kitten, this morning.
It's a bit of a mystery, so I don't know if any catty-friends or humans can help me out with it.

I was in a room, and in the corner was -weirdly- a tree, the type of tree you would normally see outside. I wondered why daddy had put a tree indoors.
Even weirder than that, though, was that it had small, bright lights all around it. It also had, what looked like, millions of catty-toys dangling from it's branches.

Daddy went out and I got a bit bored (it was too cold to be out all the time), so started to play with supposed catty-toys on the lower branches. They kept falling off, so I played with a new one each time this happened.
Then I was sure I saw a Squirrel in the tree so I did a big bum-wiggle and pounced on the tree.
It did something no tree has ever done to me, outside, it fell over. The catty-toys went everywhere. I was so confused that I ran, and hid under a the sofa.

When daddy came in, he seemed very angry and was talking very loudly at me. I didn't understand; Why did daddy have a tree indoors? Why did it have catty-toys and lights all over it? Why did it fall over? Why was daddy angry?

I decided that the best thing to do was to purr and rub myself against daddy's legs.
He said me name 'oh Bruce!' then gave me a chin-tickle, so I think he stopped being angry.

I'm still confused by this catty-memory though, can anyone help by explaining it a bit?


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