Sunday, 30 September 2012

The 'Big Garden'

I was sitting by a puddle, with Pumpkin, last night and we were a bit bored.

As we were talking, she asked me about the 'big garden', and if I'd ever heard of it?
I had. It's not far from our territories, but no cat has ever been brave enough to go there.

However, we have heard rumours of strange creatures roaming this place; fluffly white things that look like clouds, and really tall animals with long faces and huge hairy tails.
How could this all be true though, if not cat had ever been there?

Pumpkin then started walking off, so I asked her where she was going? She said she was going to the 'big garden' as it couldn't possibly be that scary, and it was ridiculous that no cat had ever been.
I tried to stop her, but she wouldn't listen......Moth!......... sorry, she wouldn't listen so I told her I'd have to go with her, she couldn't go on her own. I told her to wait a minute though...

I decided I had to go and see daddy before I went, just in case something bad happened to me in the 'big garden'. I wanted to bring him a mouse, but couldn't find one. Instead, I miaowed to be let in, rubbed against his legs, then miaowed to be let back out again.

Daddy made a noise like; 'but you've only just come in, you mad cat!'

After that I walked, with Pumpkin, out of our territories, towards the end of our road, heading for the 'big garden'.
We arrived at the edge of it. It was surrounded by big prickly hedges and was very dark.
We dropped down into a big dip, and crouched down to slip under the hedge. Our little catty-noses and ears were twitching.

We came through the hedge and ..................yawwwwwwwwwwwn!...I'm so tired again. I keep needing naps. I think it's the cold....I'll have to tell you the rest later..... hope you can wait...

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