Monday, 24 September 2012

An evening date

Sorry, cats and humans, I napped all day yesterday so didn't type anything on here.

Does anyone else find that they suddenly need to nap more at this time of year?

After my long nap I needed to stretch my little catty-legs, so I went outside, and who should be there? Fluffles!

I was very happy. We both purred and rubbed noses, then she rubbed her head on my side.
I was going to do the same back, but a spider ran in front of me so I had to swat it.
I gave the spider to Fluffles, to eat, but she said she'd just had her 'Sheba' so wasn't hungry.

I didn't know what Sheba was so I asked Fluffles. She said it's a catty-food.
I didn't remember seeing that when I went on my adventure to 'Sainsbury's', so I have asked Fluffles to bring me some. She purred and said she would.

Anyway, we walked to the end of my territory, side by side, with the tips of our tails touching.
I have seen humans hold each others paws. I think this is the same as touching tails.
Us cats can't hold each others paw as we wouldn't be able to walk properly.

We stopped by my favourite puddle to get a drink, then we jumped onto the roof of the little, wooden room at the end of Fluffles' territory.
We sat and watched the moon together, and swatted the occasional passing moth.
When Fluffles got a bit tired, as she was not longer in hunt-mode, I walked her back home so she could go in for a nap.

We rubbed noses again, then I went back and woke up daddy for some attention.

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