Monday, 17 September 2012

A Few Catty-Pointers

yawwwwwwwwwwwwn. Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch. I've had a nice nap-filled day. How about you?

I've been around lots of humans today and, as I look cute when sleepy, have had lots of attention. I like attention.
However, I would like to give a few catty-pointers, as some humans are better at belly-rubs and chin tickles than others;

Catty-noses; Some of us like these to be rubbed, some of us don't. It is personal catty-preference. If we don't like it, you may get a quick bite, but we are only doing this as a friendly catty-warning, so you know not to do it again.
Personally I like having my nose rubbed, and may respond with a gentle nose-nudge or a lick.

Please note: a gentle rub is just that. I really don't like it if you prod me in the nose any more than you would if I prodded yours.

Whiskers; Please leave these alone. I like them to be perfectly straight, so that they look good and so that I can judge the width of things.

Catty-ears: mmmmmm, yes please!I like having my ears stroked, and I particularly like having the bit behind them scratched. A gentle stroke will do, they're only delicate little things, and quite sensitive.
Don't poke your finger in my ear. That's irritating. And don't keep touching the tips of my ears, as this makes me flick them repeatedly.

Catty-head: Lovvvvvvvvvely! You may stroke my head with your palm or the back of your hands, as long as you do it gently. Always go with the direction of the fur, rather than against it. Do not aggressively rub my head, as you will confuse me and I will have to do catty head-shakes.
You will know if you are doing it right as I will blink my eyes slowly at you, and purr. I may also dribble on you, to show my appreciation. This is my gift to you.

Chin-tickles: my joint-favourite! This is the only time at which I am your humble servant.
Where my chin starts, and along my little catty-throat, please tickle with the tips of the fingers. You may also stroke, lightly. If you this right I will be in catty-heaven, and may do you the honour of closing my eyes.

Belly-rub; This is my joint-favourite, alongside the chin-tickle. You should be honoured if I let you do this, as this position would normally leave me open to attack from nasty animals.
At a time of my choosing, perhaps during a chin-tickle, I will roll over and signal that I wish to have my belly rubbed. This will be accompanied by a drawing in of the front paws, to leave maximum belly exposed.
strokes with the flat of the palm, and a two-handed tickle, are acceptable. I may well purr very loudly.
Sometimes I may get carried away, and give you a little catty-bite. This is meant in a nice way. If I claw you it is because you are rubbish at giving catty belly-rubs.

Back, and side, stroking; My preference is long smooth strokes, from my catty-neck to my hind legs, using the flat of the palm(s) again. I will purr loudly if you do this and, if I am not already asleep, close my eyes with joy.
If I am already lying on you, I may sink my claws into your leg to show love.
Some cats hate it, but I loved being brushed too.

Other notes....

I don't mind having my front paws stroked, but I'm not a fan of having my back legs touched.
I will pull them in, as a warning. If you insist on touching them, I may claw you.

Licking; I cannot stroke you back so, at times, I may return your affection by licking you. I also do this as you are dirty and/or taste of cat food, and because I want you to smell of cat a bit more. Please accept this gift, and do not leave until I have finished licking you.

One more thing; I reserve the right, at any time, to get up and walk off while you are showing me affection. I may have spotted a mouse, I may need a wee, I may just be bored.
Please accept this.

Happy attention-giving,


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