Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Catty Pilgrimage

After taking inspiration from my favourite catty-poem (shown yesterday), and offering up little catty-prayers to the Holy Tabby in the sky, I decided that I would go to this 'Sainsbury's'. I have to know where my catty-food comes from! (see previous posts)

Steve immediately agreed to come with me, as he is in the cat-house with his mummy at the moment, for scratching something called a sofa.
He was a bit upset as he only did it because his usual scratching tree is now too clawed. He just needed somewhere else to sharpen his 'catty-hooks', as he calls them (he's a good catty-friend, but a bit of an idiot).

Lulu reluctantly agreed to come with us as she thinks we lack 'road-sense', and would just be worried if she stayed behind.

We waited until our mummies and daddies had gone to bed (we all curled up on their beds first, and pretended to be asleep), then ran outside. Lulu and Steve have catty-doors. I don't, but daddy kindly leaves a window open for me, so actually I have a very big catty-door.
We met at the front of Lulu's house.
For some reason, Steve had brought a shoelace with 'in case we got bored'.
Lulu hissed at him 'it's the middle of the night! There'll be more mice, rabbits, and frogs out than you can shake a bag of catty-biscuits at! Why would we need a shoelace?'
Steve couldn't really answer that, so dropped the shoelace.
Lulu realised he was upset so gave him a supportive catty nose-nudge.

Steve had seen his daddy turn his 'vroom' right, when he'd said he was going out for catty-food, so we set off in that direction.

By the end of our road, we'd all gone as far as we ever had previously.
Steve heard an Owl and tried to run up a tree, until Lulu bit his tail, and he jumped back down.
We kept prowling, on the roadside, stopping every now and then to clean our paws, or listen to a rustle in some bushes (we'd all filled up on catty-food before we left, but a natural treat wouldn't go amiss).
Once or twice some big scary vrooms came towards us, with huge shining eyes. I don't like them, so I put my little catty-ears flat against my head.
We did see a mouse, and we all went for it. Steve and I ran into each other. Lulu just clipped it. Then I chased it into a bush. I got a thorn in my paw, but Lulu managed to lick it out for me. I had a slight catty-limp afterwards though.
We also saw a Fox, which was a bit scary. We're quicker than they are, but they have much bigger teeth :( We all puffed up our tails, thinking that -with three of us- we'd just look like one big Lion. The Fox stopped and stared at us for a bit, then ran off into the trees.

It felt like we'd been walking for catty-days when, suddenly, we saw an orange glow from round the bend of the road.
Steve was worried that we'd actually been killed by that Fox, and didn't realise it, and we were heading towards catty-heaven.
He thought this right up until we rounded the bend and saw the magical sign, lit up 'Sainsbury's.
"This is it! This is where our mummies and daddies get our food!" said Lulu, who hadn't wanted to come with us originally!

Bizarrely, this 'Sainsbury's' didn't have massive catty-statues outside like I thought it did. I thought it was dedicated to cats, but it turns out I was wrong.
There was a big sign outside it that said 'open 24 hours', and the doors kept sliding open, then closed again. Very strange.
There was a very tall man, in dark clothes, holding something that shone. He also wore a hat that had the word 'security' written on it.
We didn't know who he was, but he didn't look like a friendly human, so we crouched low and ran into 'Sainsbury's' behind him.

Our catty-senses were on hyper-alert. Lulu's whiskers were quivering like she'd been on Catnip. Steve's little nose was twitching like mad. My eyes couldn't stay focused on one thing. All of our tails were swishing side to side.
This place was huge! The biggest catty-leap in the world wouldn't have got us anywhere near the ceiling and ........................yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!.....

....'scuse me .... sorry.... so tired from our adventure..... I'm going to have to have a quick catty-nap and continue this later.... sorry, don't mean to let other catty-friends and humans down...... just so tired.... will finish this later, once I've ..................

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