Sunday, 16 September 2012

A Catty Pilgrimage- Part 2

Wow I must have been tired! That was a big catty-nap! Needed a biiiig stretch after that.

So, where was I up to with our journey to Sainsbury's, yesterday?

Oh yes... so, all of our catty-senses were on high alert once we got into this 'Sainsbury's', and the ceiling was twenty million catty-leaps away.
The lights were very bright too, much brighter than in our homes. We had to do a lot of catty-blinks to get used to them.
The floor was weird too. All shiny. This would not be a good floor to chase things on.

Threre weren't too many humans about,  but Lulu isn't a big fan of unknown humans (she doesn't mind an initial nose-nudge of the hands, but won't allow a belly rub for several catty-hours) so that wasn't a bad thing.

Humans didn't matter too much now though, as we were looking for catty-food. We got a shock, however, as we thought that the whole place would just be full of it. It wasn't. There were lots of tall things, with three layers, and all sorts of things on them that weren't catty food.

The first alleyway we went down had something over it which said 'homeware and cleaning'.
I went over and sniffed something that said 'Glade Plug-in' on it. It made me do a big catty-tchoo, which made Steve and Lulu jump.

We tried the next alleyway, which was full of shiny glass jars. They were all different colours. Some had yellow stuff in, some had green stuff, some had red stuff. Steve pawed a jar that said 'Pickled Beetroot'. It fell down, turned into lots of tiny pieces, and made a tinkling sound. Purple stuff spilled everywhere. Steve sniffed it. It made his eyes screw shut and his whiskers twitch. Then we all ran away from the injured jar.
Suddenly I smelt something lovely. It was fish-like. It was fish! There was this huge thing full of different fishes, including Tuna! When we looked at it, it was all covered in a layer of this shiny stuff. which seemed weird. Also, this huge thing was very cold. It was like it contained winter. Very strange.
I wanted to try a bit of this Tuna, so I put my front paws on the huge cold thing, leant in, and bit through the shiny stuff. Lulu and Steve thought they heard a human coming though, so we all ran off again.

We were mid-run, when Steve stopped as he'd seen a picture of a cat on something. We ran back to where he'd seen it; an alleyway with the words 'pet food' over it... and found catty-heaven!
There were boxes, packets, bags of catty-food. This alleyway looked and smelled amazing!
There was duck, salmon, heart, beef, kidney, chicken, tuna, lamb flavour, and more. You smell it, they had it. There were yellow packets, purple packets, orange packets, all kinds.
Our little catty eyes, and heads, were going round and round looking at it all.
So this is where our mummies and daddies get our catty-food!
We all spotted our own food, from the words on the packets. I did have a laugh at one of the packets, as they couldn't spell 'whiskers' properly. Silly!
Then we all decided to try each other's food, to see if we liked it better than our own, by biting into the packets on the shelves. We all decided that we'd like to stick with our own foods. I think Lulu's has too many vegetables in it. Why would a cat want vegetables?

We sat in the catty-food alleyway for ages, just staring at all of it. Then we heard a human coming so decided to leave, but not before we'd all grabbed a packet of our favourite food in our catty-mouths.

On the way out, we saw an alleyway that said 'fresh produce'. Something bright red caught Lulu's eye, so she sniffed and bit it. It made her do lots of catty-coughs and shakes of the head. Then her eyes and nose started dripping. The packet said 'chillis'.
We didn't know what it was, but we knew not to try it now.

Lulu recovered and we carried on out of the magical 'Sainsbury's'. The journey home was uneventful, apart from stopping to eat the treats we'd taken.
We were quite tired, but really happy. It was a great adventure and we found out where our catty-food comes from.

When we got back home, we all gave each other a lick goodbye, then went inside for a well-deserved nap.

Despite that, and my super-nap yesterday, I'm still tired. Think I'll stay curled up on daddy's bed today.

(Steve reaching for his food...)


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