Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Taste Test

After asking Fluffles to bring me some of this 'Sheba' to try, I quite fancied trying other catty-foods too.
I asked Steve, Lulu, Pumpkin, Tinkerbell, and their friends to bring me their own food.
I asked them to make sure that the packets were bitten / slightly open, as I struggle to open my own (that's what daddy is for).
I want cats out there to have the best catty-food experience, so I have decided to type up my findings, having tasted everything brought to me.
I have used a catty-paw rating system, with 4 paws being the best, 1 paw being....erm, poor.
Humans, please note; the views here are my own, but I am not responsible for any catty-sick on your floor (from feeding food your cat doesn't like), nor am I responsible if a whole bowlful is wasted;

Sheba, Turkey in gravy- A good sized portion (the packet said 100g. I'm not sure what 'g' is but I know 100 is big), with decent Turkey content, although the Turkey was more of a paste than chunks. The gravy was tasty, but a bit too creamy for my liking, more of a catty-soup. It had a long poultry finish, and still tasted good when retrieved from my whiskers.

Purina Gourmet (Perle), Lamb in gravy- I'm completely biased on this as it's my favouritest catty-food, yum! catty-sized chunks of tender lamb, enveloped in a silky brown gravy ,with just the right runnyness (I think I have seen daddy with similar gravy on his food). It has a complex meaty finish and is the perfect accompaniment to chicken biscuits.


Whiskas, Duck in gravy with green peas- I've had something out of a Whiskas pack before and it was okay, but I still prefer my Purina. I was pleasantly surprised by this catty-food at first. It had a pleasant ducky aroma and the gravy wasn't too thick. Upon the first lick I wasn't as impressed. There is a healthy amount of duck for my little catty-tum, but it was a little tough. The gravy was rich, but... it contained peas. When have cats ever gone out and hunted down peas? Grass, maybe (if I need to do a catty-sick), but peas? Very strange.
A heavy dish that stuck nicely to the inside of my cheeks, though.

Felix, Tuna in jelly- Aaaah, this brings back catty-memories! I had Felix as a kitten, for a bit. I'm more of a gravy cat, than a jelly one, so I had to take that into consideration.
Underneath the jelly, the tuna was delicate and fragrant, and not too mushy.
Even the jelly wasn't too bad, not too wibbly and it retained some of the tuna flavour.

Tesco 'Claude' chunks in gravy, with beef- Bleurgh! Who passed this as fit for catty-consumption? I wouldn't even give this to a dog. I've brought up better tasting furballs.
I think the giveaway should've been that the packet said 'chunks in gravy with beef'
rather than 'chunks of beef in gravy'.
The odd-smelling bits of meat were condemned to a watery-gravy grave and had an aftertaste of hedgehog's bums.

I managed two chunks of beef, then had to drink a whole bowl of water and lie down for a bit.

Iams, Chicken in gravy- mmmm *lick of the cheeks*, not bad. Not bad at all! Light chunks of well-seasoned chicken in a velvety, golden gravy. It actually felt like it was doing me good as it went down too! The gravy had a soft, almost fruity, nose, and the chicken was most tender. I must admit that I 'cleaned' my paws straight after eating this, so that they would taste of chicken when I went to clean them again later.

Oooh, I'm quite full up now and need to do catty-burps, and nap.
Let me know if you agree with my findings or not, and if there are any other foods I should try.

*Please note, the picture below is a dramatic re-enactment.

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