Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Good news!

Fluffles ('Catty-Courting', 10th September) turned up in my territory today, purring.

She received my catty-gift, and had also heard about my bravery shown in finding 'Sainsbury's'.

She did a little catty-trot towards me, but had to wait a bit as my hind leg was stuck in mid-air, while I cleaned the underside of it.

Anyway, she miaowed her admiration for me, and we sniffed each other. Then we rubbed catty-noses, so she's now my catty-ladyfriend.

We lay in the shade for a bit, then we chased leaves in the shadows.
After this we had fun climbing trees. I impressed her by getting to the sixth branch up, of a fir tree (normally daddy would have to get me down from here, but I was feeling bold around Fluffles)

For lunch, we shared a Sparrow, which I caught, naturally. After that I took her to my favourite puddle, for a quick drink.

We lay in the last of the sun, in her territory, until I heard my catty-biscuits being rattled, and daddy calling my name.

We said we would see each other again soon, but Fluffles wouldn't say when exactly.
I'm counting down the catty-hours...

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