Friday, 21 September 2012


So, after an all day nap yesterday, I started to remember what Steve and I had been up to on Wednesday night.

We met by my back fence as it started to get dark -catty o'clock- and had a daddy-long legs 'swat-off'. I got 14 and he got 11, so I won. Happy catty-days!

Steve then said we should have a race up two Pine trees in his territory. I don't know why he said this as he's rubbish at climbing trees.
I got up to the 7th branch on mine, and he only got up to the 6th... then couldn't get down.
It was really funny, as he started calling for his mummy, miaowing away.

I told him not to be silly as, both humans and cats know, we always land on our feet.
In the end he half-ran half-jumped down the tree and -sort of- landed okay.

After this we had a catty-staring competition, but Steve forgot we were having a game and pounced on me, so I swatted his head.

At this point we started to get bored. That's when Steve said he had an idea. Every now and then his mummy gives him a bit of Catnip, as a treat. However, Steve knew where she kept the whole, big box of it.
In catty-stealth mode, he sneaked inside and came back out with it. We then ran away to sit under the trees, where we couldn't be seen.
Steve went catty-crazy and started biting chunks out of the box, to get at the Catnip inside. He then ripped through a plastic thing, and Catnip poured out everywhere.
The smell hit us straight away; catty-drugs!!

We both fell into the pile and started rolling around like mad.
Steve thought his Paws were Mice and started biting them!
I suddenly got the feeling that I could lick my ears, and kept trying to reach them with my tongue! It was quite funny now I think of it.

Steve then started talking absolute catty-nonsense! He said that 'miaow miaow miaowwww miaow miaoww miaow' (??)

After that it all got a bit hazy.... I know that I had lots of those little green balls stuck in my fur, from pouncing on a plant that I thought was a Rabbit.
Steve woke up with a grey head, but this was from some weird dust in a 'bukit'. He'd ran into a small wooden room, at the end of a garden, and come out with the 'bukit' on his head, saying that he was a 'catty-emperor'.

I remember the spider-eating incident, mentioned yesterday.
I also remember licking the coating off a fence as it 'reminded me of being a kitten'...although I'm not sure how it did this...

Anyway. I slept all day yesterday, so have recovered a bit, and today I am just doing a bit of light prowling. Hopefully I'll feel back to normal by tomorrow!

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