Monday, 5 November 2012

Thank you Frederic's daddy!

I've had so much fun this morning that I forgot to have my mid-morning nap!

Frederic's daddy decided to sweep up all of the leaves, in Frederic's garden, into a big pile.

Firstly, the pile was all different colours; red, yellow, purple, brown, orange.
Secondly, it was huge! There could well have been hidden meeces, squirrels, or sparrows under there.

Lulu and Tinkerbell joined me and we started off by running into the bottom of the pile, as far in as we could go, just to see if there were any surprises there.
Then we switched to pouncing practice, on the middle of the pile. I thought I'd found something, and got excited, but it was just Lulu's paw.
After that we tried the biggest possible catty-leaps into the top of the pile. Tinkerbell got stuck, with her bum and tail poking out. Lulu and I found this funny, but Tinkerbell wasn't amused and had to spend quite a while cleaning her face with her paw.

We didn't find any treasure in the pile in the end, but it was great fun looking.
Frederic sat near the pile, and watched us, unamused. He had just been brushed by his mummy, so was not going to venture into the leaves with us.

When I got home, daddy picked me up and tried to cuddle me, even though he knows I don't like this. He made a sound like 'poo, you smell funny... and why are you all wet...'
I squirmed out of his arms, then miaowed loudly until he fed me.
Then I purred for a bit and caught up on my napping.

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