Sunday, 18 November 2012

Is it a bird?

Had a spot of trouble during the night. I was very very hungry and couldn't get daddy to wake up and feed me. I had to walk on his head for a bit. He woke up in the end and fed me, but it was a close call.
Silly daddy went back to sleep again though, and I still needed him to let me out for a wee, and some exploring, so I had to wake him up again.

Anyway, once he did that I went out fexploring for quite a while and have only just come back for breakfast.
I have seen things in the sky though that I've often wondered about. They're like birds, but their wings are much straighter and don't move. Strange white stuff seems to come out of their bums as they fly. They seem to fly much higher than birds too.

I'd love to catch one, one day, but I've never seen them land in a garden. I'll have to just keep and eye out and hope I get to pounce on one...

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