Sunday, 11 November 2012


I was having a lovely nap, and dreaming of an endless ball of wool, when daddy started shouting and woke me up :(.

I opened my little catty-eyes and saw that he was watching lots of male humans running around, after a ball, in a really big garden. This wasn't a normal garden though; there were no trees or anything, except grass. There were lots of weird white lines all over it too, and there were no fences, just thousands of humans all around it. I didn't like this; I wouldn't be happy if there were that many other cats in my territory.

Daddy kept shouting at the humans, which kept me awake and hurt my poor catty-ears.
I got fed up and went into another room, but was now wide awake.

I have now decided to chase a pen, but can't decide which one....

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