Sunday, 25 November 2012

A treat!

As I said yesterday, I had to get out for a bit. I did that this morning. First I had a little catty-boxing match with Lulu, then I got bored and went to wind up the stupid little dog of our new neighbours.

It's a yappy little thing, with a big fluffy fringe over it's eyes. I think it's a boy-dog, but it looks like a girl.
I did to it what the Magpies do to me; got close, by creeping up slowly, then ran away when it saw me. It's too slow and stupid to catch me, and even ran into the fence when I jumped over it. Silly dog.

Anyway, that wasn't my treat. I'd been inside for a few catty-hours when I saw something I haven't in weeks; an indoor spider.
I had to chase it for a bit, which included squeezing behind the sofa, but I got it in the end. Now my tail is swishing and I am happy. It was very crunchy and juicy. Yum!

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