Friday, 30 November 2012

Stinky daddy

Catty-wretch! ...I was just minding my own business, rubbing my head on all chairs, walls, and doors, as I'd just come inside, when I realised I'd missed a spot near the back door.
After I'd suitably scented the walls near the back door, I saw a pair of daddy's paw-covers nearby and decided to sniff them....catty-eugh! What does daddy put on his lower-paws to make his paw-covers smell so bad?? They made all my fur go on end and I had to do catty head-shakes to get the smell out of my sensitive catty-nose.
My paws don't smell; I clean and gnaw them all the time. Daddy really needs to wash more.

Here is the nasty pair of paw covers:

I have a question too: why do humans put paw-covers on their lower paws? I know they don't have fur all over their feet, but I don't have any on my paw-pads and they don't get cold. Why can't humans step outside on their own paw-pads, without covers?

Anyway, I've had to go for a lie down to recover from the shock of smelling daddy's paw-covers.....

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