Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I don't know if you know this, but... cats have a favoured paw, and even a favoured claw, when pouncing.

I have watched daddy, and other humans, when they are eating (in case they drop food) or doing other humany things, and they always seem to use one upper-paw more than the other. Daddy uses his right upper-paw more than his left one.
Cats are similar. Just like daddy, I'm right-pawed. If I swat anything -whether it be a shoelace or a mouse- or if I tap it, to see what it is, I always lead with my right paw first.
If I need to use my left paw (or I've found something to be safe using my right paw) then I use it too.
If I'm really enjoying a game with daddy, by attacking a shoelace or a wire, I will then go for it with both paws and maybe grab at it, to bite it.

When I'm pouncing on things while hunting outside, I'll always use both paws, but lead with my right paw; this is the one that will come down on a mouse, bird, or frog first.

Us cats go one further than this though; we also have a favoured claw (or 'lead') on our favoured paw. This is usually the middle claw, but I prefer my claw just to the right of my middle one.
This claw will be the first one out, as I pounce on something, closely followed by the others.
I make sure that I pay special attention to this claw when I sharpen it on my favourite sharpening tree.

So, there you have it humans, something you might not have known; cats have a favoured paw and claw.
Watch out for your cat next time it pounces and you'll see what I mean ...

*Below is a picture of my 'lead' paw, with a little bit of my back paw showing.


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