Saturday, 24 November 2012

ooopsie again!

Catty-boredom got to me again unfortunately.

I've been indoors for 3 days now, as it's too wet and grey outside for me to want to move from my nice, warm, snugness.

The problem is, when I'm indoors for a bit I get an excess of catty-energy, and I have to get rid of it.
I spent lots of time, this morning, charging around the house chasing dust and shadows, and skidding on the floor. I think this confused daddy.

I carried on doing this - and even caught an imaginary mouse on the sofa - until I jumped onto a shelf and knocked something off, which smashed.
This scared me so much that I ran up a door, and stood at the top of it... then couldn't get down again. Daddy shouted 'Bruce!' as well :(

I managed to get down from the door and I think daddy forgave me, after I'd let him rub my tummy for a bit. I'm thinking I should go out tomorrow though...

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