Monday, 12 November 2012

Cleaning and tidying

I'm sure I've said this before, but how do humans stay clean? I've seen daddy stand under something that sprays water, but only once a day from what I can remember.

Surely humans can't wash just once per day? And why don't humans use their tongues? This is a very efficient method of cleaning and ensures that you smell of your last meal all day.

I have just had to spend 5 minutes cleaning daddy, as he wasn't up to my standard of grooming.

I also had a bit of a panic this morning. I found a corner of a room that didn't smell of me at all. How am I supposed to own my home if it doesn't smell of me?
I had to spend 10 minutes rubbing my head against everything until it was suitable scented with Bruceness.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some biscuits to attend to...

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