Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My drinking problem

I've just been out on a little hunt. It's great that it's getting dark earlier in the day, as my prey can't see me as well and I have very good eyesight, but it's also frustrating as there's less and less of my prey about; no meeces, less squirrels, and less birdies :(

I also had a good play fight with Frederic. He's quite strong, but I'm much quicker than him as he's so fluffy.

Anyway, I got to thinking; it's quite difficult, as a cat, to have a good drink.
I've seen daddy drink, by pouring water into his mouth. I wish I could do this, but I can only lap at water with my tongue.
Sometimes I try to suck water into my little catty-mouth, from my bowl, but it doesn't work.
Very annoying.

In my territory there is a house that has a big puddle at the front, with lots of fish in. I often drink from this, but again can only lap at it. Sometimes I just want to take a big gulp.
The fish in there are very tempting, but I don't want to fall in trying to catch one.
I prefer my fish served to me, in gravy, in a bowl. Tuna is my favourite.

I'd love to catch a Tuna myself, but apparently they live in even bigger puddles called 'sea'.
One day I'll catch one, I'm sure...

*mmmm, big drinking bowl...

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