Wednesday, 28 November 2012


As a cat, it's absolutely vital to to sleep for at least three quarters of each day; how else are we supposed to look cute, save up energy for hunting / pouncing on pens, or get ready for some midnight prowling?

When we wake up though, we have to make sure that we are fully stretched out. This ensures our little catty-muscles are warmed up and that humans think we're even cuter, when they watch us :)
First, please let me say that there is absolutely no point in half-stretches or stretches that aren't exagerrated enough. These kinds of stretches are a waste.

I stretch my body parts in order, as do most cats, and here is my routine for perfect stretches;

-Start by standing up fully, and arching your back so that your fur stands on end.

-When your back is fully arched, start to lean forwards on your front paws.

-Lean completely forwards on your front paws, so it looks like you are bowing down.Stretch out the paws themselves, to reveal your claws (this way all of your little catty-toes get stretched too). Half-close your eyes for maximum cuteness.

-Stand up fully again and, leaning slightly forwards - nose over toes - start to extend your favoured back leg (I always start with my right one).

-Stretch your right leg as far back as it will go, sticking it out almost horizontally, off the floor.

-Do the same with your left leg.

-Finally, stroll off with catty-grace and elegance.

and those are my catty-stretch instructions :)



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