Sunday, 23 December 2012

What's this??

I'm both catty-confused and catty-happy!

Daddy just went past me carrying something wrapped in bright red paper (it also had pictures of a fat, old human on it, with white hair on his face and head), that smelt of catnip!

I got a whiff of it and my little catty-ears went up, and my catty-nose twitched. Daddy said something like 'not yet Bruce... you'll have to wait two days'.
The he put the wrapped up thing in a cupboard and closed it. I can't open closed doors with my paws so I can't get to it :(

I wonder what it is? I wonder why daddy won't give it to me yet?

This seems a bit cruel, but he is still feeding me and giving me belly rubs so.... hmmm, all very interesting....

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