Monday, 31 December 2012

Some Catty-promises

As the days have started getting a bit lighter again, and my little catty-body clock has registered this, I have decided to make some promises of things I will do for the catty-year ahead:

-I will clean the left side of my face a bit more. I seem to get distracted with cleaning my right side too much, with my licked paw.

-I will try not to squirm as much when daddy picks me up for a cuddle: it's not my favourite thing, but I shall endure it.

-I will see if I can get daddy to pay me more attention during the night, with stronger nose-nuzzles in his ear.

-I will try to favour the red catty biscuits less compared to the green ones.

-I will try to get on with Steve again, if he apologises for being breedist.

-I will try to reach the 5th branch of the tree at the back of my garden.

-I shall try to consider the feelings of meeces I catch by playing with them less before killing them.

-I shall try to alert daddy a bit quicker if I do a little catty-sick.

-I shall bury my catty-poos a bit deeper, in my territory...I have become lazy with this.

-I shall catch my first Magpie ever.

That is all.

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