Friday, 21 December 2012

Sorry for the disappearance, but...

...I found something very, very interesting, 3 houses away from my home!

This is the reason I haven't been able to blog for the last few days: I've been having too much catty-fun!

I found a front garden absolutely covered with lots of shiny catty-toys, put up by a very kind person who clearly loves cats.

There are round things that swing on string, when you paw-swat them. Some of them fell down, which meant they could be pounced on: little, fake, shiny mice!

There are long, skinny cords of things, with lights attached, perfect for chewing.

There are also lots of things to hide behind, to look out for Robins, like weird objects that look like deer... but they don't move.

Oh, and I think I might have accidentally hurt a big man in red and white coat. He was quite fat, and bloated. He scared me, so I clawed him and he went completely flat, and fell to the ground. This confused me. I hope he's okay. He didn't make any noise.

I am now indoors for a bit as I got bored with those catty-toys, and wanted some attention.


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