Saturday, 15 December 2012

Strange female human

I'm very confused: I hope someone can solve a mystery for me.

Nearly every morning, quite early, a female human comes to the door of my home, pulls something made of rolled up paper out of a brightly coloured bag, then puts it through a hole in the middle of that door.
I don't understand why she does this. I have seen daddy looking at this thing made out of rolled up paper though.

Unfortunately the hole in the door of my home is not big enough for me to get through.
However, when this female human comes along I often think she'll let me inside, or at least have some food on her.

Because of this I rub against her legs and give her my cutest 'attention please' miaow.
She often strokes my head, which I like, but she never gives me any food, or lets me in.
I hope one day she will do one of these things so, for now, I will keep giving her catty leg-rubs.

I'd like to know who she is though, and why she comes to my home every morning?

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