Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It's arrived!

The white stuff is here! I decided not to go out last night, and curled up next to daddy to keep warm (although I did get a bit bored during the night and accidentally pounced on him).

When I woke up, I had some food and a long catty-stretch, then decided to go outside for a wee and a bit of exploring.
As soon as I miaowed at the door, for daddy to let me out, I could see the white stuff on the floor.

I was really worried as, if you've seen my previous catty-post (White Stuff, 27th September), you'll know how I feel about this white stuff.

I carefully stepped into it. It was a little cold on my paws, but not too bad (but I did do a little, sensitive catty paw-shake at first). Luckily it's not too high, so I didn't disappear into it and I didn't have to worry about things hidden underneath it.

There weren't too many birdies about today, so it didn't matter that my dark fur stood out, or that the white stuff shows my paw prints.
However, I seem to remember that the white stuff doesn't appear one day and disappear the next. There's normally a few days of it.
I hope that it doesn't get up to the level of my little catty willy, like last year. I didn't enjoy that.

Hopefully there won't be any more white stuff tonight, but I'll just have to wait and see...

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