Friday, 14 December 2012

Not recommended

I did go out for a bit this morning, and tried one puddle, again; just so my local catty friends, and humans, are informed on the best drinking spots in the area.

I have to say, I wasn't impressed.

The puddle I tried was on the broken path by next door's shed.

Here are my findings; Pungent stagnant aroma. A touch of rotted twig, and chestnut shell, on the catty-nose. Bitter on the catty-palate, with  overtones of rusted gate and dropped compost. Long, sandy, oily finish. Not nice. Avoid. There are much better puddles in the area.

Other than that tasting, I came in fairly early today, and have had a nice snooze. It's far too windy outside at the moment, and the cold gets into my pointy catty-ears, which I don't like.

I shall now do some more snoozing.

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