Saturday, 29 December 2012


Oops! I got a bit overexcited during the night.

I came in hungry and decided to eat some biscuits. It was quite late.

I thought I saw a moth, so I chased it for a bit, but it turned out to be shadow.

After this excitement I went to jump on my bed, where daddy sleeps. The only problem was that I felt some of my catty-biscuits start to come back up, because of all my running around.

I tried to stop it, I really did, but I already had the pre-catty-sick warning hiccups.
I decided that the best place for catty-vom would be on daddy's feet, as they were sticking out of the bed and looked cold: I like to look after daddy if I can.

Daddy didn't seem to wake up, despite my best efforts to keep his feet warm, so I went and slept on my other bed.
I did hear 'eugh!' and Bruce!' early this morning, but I'm not sure what that meant, so I went back to sleep....

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