Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Taste test continued

After trying out the flavours of an unexpected, new drinking puddle, yesterday, I decided to report back on the complex flavours of other puddles in my territory.
This will be useful for any other cats who live near me, and any humans who wish to sample my favourite drinking spots.

These are my findings:

The puddle in the quiet road, outside my home: soft, mossy aroma, with a strong kick of rubber on the first lick. This gives way to a delicate earthiness, that lingers, before a fanfare of grit on the finish.

The puddle that sits in the drain cover, near the front door: thick, syrupy, and chunky, with a heavy dose of iron on the catty-nose. Pungent muddiness then slips through, and coats the mouth, before a slight saltiness assaults the tongue. The finish is deft, with touches of algae.

The puddle in the gutter attached to next door's flat roof: Subtle Oak leaf tones melt into acorny bitterness, before a sharp tang of Pigeon poo steps in. The finish is big and punchy, with hints of spinning Sycamore seeds.

The puddle in the big, stone flowerpot, two gardens away: Unmistakable peatiness wafts across the catty-palate, and raw grassiness abounds. There's a slight trace of slug juice in there, along with dead Marigolds. Finally, a touch of Magpie feather takes over.

There are other puddles that I need to revisit, so there should be more to report, on my taste tests, in the next few days. Yum :)

*A fine catty-vintage....

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