Sunday, 27 January 2013

Things I'm Missing

A friend asked me if I'd consider getting another cat soon. I've thought about it, but don't know if I'd want to replace Bruce so quickly (sounds like the end of a relationship!). The other thing is, Bruce was so odd that I'm not so sure I'd want another cat: it wouldn't be the same.

Here are some things I'm missing without having my little mate around:

-Having his jump through the window at 3am, hop onto my bed, and walk all over me (including my head!), purring and demanding attention.

-Having him wandering around the house, chatting away to no-one in particular.

-Being woken to the sound of crunching at 4am, when he came in for a late night snack.

-His exaggerated stretches after a sleep: both front paws first, then right hind leg (quick shake), left hind leg (quick shake).

-His little 'happy dance', when he felt content, on cushions:

-Pouncing on my feet when they were under the duvet, apparently believing them to be  mice. He'd be shown that they were, in fact, feet and he'd look like he understood.
As soon as they were covered by the duvet again, he'd go back to thinking they were mice.

-Finding him lying in the most awkward places i.e across doorways, without any concern that someone might trip over him.

-Walking back and forth across my legs, while I was on the way to feed him, nearly causing me to fall over several times.

-When he was really happy, after getting lots of attention, he used to sit on me, close his eyes, and dribble to show his approval.

-The fact that he was so docile, and just accepted all situations: if you found him sleeping somewhere he shouldn't be, and moved him, he'd dangle in your arms, looking a bit forlorn.
He'd never struggle or squirm, he'd just be happy with wherever he was plonked!

-No matter how deep a sleep he was in, you could always wake him with a swish of ipod headphones, and he'd start attacking them straight away.

-The warm patches he'd leave wherever he'd been sleeping ('free' electric blanket!)

-Always cleaning his paws straight after eating: maybe he just wanted them to smell of food later?

-Watching him eat wasps. He never looked like he was enjoying it (who would?), but still ate them anyway.

-Watching him get stuck at the top of things, and trying to figure out how to get back down.

-His 'please let me in' miaow.

-Having him fall asleep on me when it wasn't convenient i.e when I was working, or had to go out, then not being able to move as I felt guilty, because he was comfortable! (I'm sure he knew this, the little sod...)

-Having a cold nose stuck in my ear at some silly hour of the night.

-When you opened a door, to let him out, he would reach up with his front paws, as if trying to grab the handle to do it himself.

-The fact that he often left his tongue poking out after he miaowed.

-Always trying to clean me, as if I didn't smell catty enough for him.

-Not minding being used as a pillow sometimes!

-Rolling over to show his belly - paws tucked in - when I walked in to where he was sleeping: 'yes, you may give me attention now'.

That's quite a list for something that only weighed four kilos.

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