Saturday, 12 January 2013

Is it a bird?

I had some huge catty-excitement this afternoon; my little catty-heart nearly popped out of my mouth!

I was in my garden, stretching my neck to lick my tail, when I heard a rustling in the bushes to my left. My head shot up and I looked over, tuning in my super catty-vision.

I saw some feathers, so started up a pre-pounce tail swish. Then this massive thing ran out onto the grass! It was covered in feathers of all different colours: brown, yellow, purple, white. It was quite fat, and had a really long tail. In fact, its tail alone was nearly as long as a whole Magpie! Its head was weirdest of all; a completely different colour to the rest of it: shiny blue, with two big red circles around the eyes.
What was this thing?

I was sizing it up, but realised there was no way I'd get my little catty mouth round it. I'm only small :(
Just as I was thinking this, it moved off at great speed. It didn't fly away like a Pigeon would. Instead, it ran. It did look a bit like a bird, but I've not seen a bird do this before; they normally just fly off.

It sprinted through a gap in the fence. Even though I didn't think I could catch it, curiosity got the better of me and I went into stealth mode, stalking it with my body low to the ground.

When I got through the gap it had passed through, it was gone.

This left me very confused. It looked like a bird, but I'm not sure it was. Does anyone know what it was?

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