Friday, 18 January 2013

Farewell to a lovable little sod! :)

Hi all,

Bruce's owner/servant here. Luckily he left his blogspot account open...

Sadly, Bruce is no longer with us :(

He got clipped by a car late on Tuesday night. Thankfully, he was found (incredibly), by the roadside, by a student veterinary nurse on her way into her night shift at the emergency vet hospital.
At the very least, he was taken in somewhere warm, where he had pain relief too, rather than left in the cold.

He only had the one injury; to the head. Amazingly, he didn't have any broken legs or any other significant injuries. On the outside he looked fine, which was good as I'd hate to have seen him covered in cuts. Unfortunately the head injury was enough.
He was making a good recovery the day after the incident, and even walked around a bit, but he went downhill rapidly yesterday, and had a couple of fits. 

I then got a call late last night saying they were trying to resucitate him. He didn't make it.
He was never in any great pain and, mercifully, didn't know much of what was happening yesterday as he was 'out of it'.
He was well looked after at the vets, and I know they did all they could, and he passed away relatively peacefully. I did see him the day before and he responded to his favourite - a chin tickle - so I'd like to think he knows he was loved and I was around. I'm also very grateful to the nurse who found him as he was as warm and comfortable as he could've been.

I got to say goodbye to him, give him a little belly rub, and tell him that - wherever he's going - there'll be lots of meeces to chase, and lots of fences and trees to run up and get stuck on :)

Obviously I'm gutted that my little mate, my sidekick, has gone; and I know my ex-partner, who I had shared him with, is heartbroken too.
He was quirky, clumsy, silly, mischievous (what cat isn't?), and ridiculously docile/sweet-natured. I often wondered what he even had claws for! Cats are supposed to protect their prone bellies. He'd role over for a belly rub for anyone! He was lovable idiot! :)

If you have a cat yourself, please look after them (stating the obvious a bit, I know). Give them a big hug from me, and a little nose-nudge from Bruce.

Over the next few days - maybe a little self-indulgent - I'm going to put up some funny/silly memories of the ridiculous things Bruce used to get up to, including the time he got trapped in the walls and ceiling of my old flat!
I hope they're things that make others smile, as he made me smile a lot :)

All the best,

Brucey's former servant...

* ....Thanks Bruce, I guess I'll be sleeping on the floor tonight then!!

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