Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Did he watch?

As you lay before me,
wrapped in blankets, still warm,
did you watch me approach,

your lifeless young form.

Did you watch me reach out,
to tickle your chin;
hope you lifted your head,
but you kept it tucked in.

Did you watch me attempt,
a last belly rub,

with no response;
a silent snub.

Did you watch me try,
the tips of your ears,
for a flick of annoyance,
to show you're still here.

Did you watch me accept,
with a long, lonely sigh,
that you were long gone,
and I must say goodbye.

Did you watch as I sadly,
stroked your side,
Kissed the top of your head,
and could not decide:
At what point was it?
Where was I at?
When I got so attached,
to a tiny, black cat?

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